Coronavirus cancels Bryan Brothers’ retirement tour. US Open is still on sight


Coronavirus cancels Bryan Brothers’ retirement tour. US Open is still on sight

After ATP’s decision to suspend the tour for six weeks following the coronavirus pandemic, it is clear that Indian Wells, Miami and Houston tournaments will not take place this year. Mike Bryan and his brother Bob should have played for the last time at these events since they announced they will retire after US Open 2020.

“Sad to miss some of our favorite US tournaments but I understand everyone’s safety is always most important. I’m confident things will stabilize and we can continue to play the sport we love. We’ll be ready once the world squashes this bug.

Stay healthy everyone!” wrote Mike on Instagram. It didn’t take long for some fans to propose a solution to Mike, given the current circumstances. Here are some messages coming from the fans: “Maybe it’s time to postpone the retirement tour?”; “Don’t retire, brothers.

We have not seen enough of your excellent tennis on court yet. Please come back next year”. ; “I think it’s time to train for 2021, fellas. Keep the train rolling”. ; “This coronavirus will never want to get close to the Bryan Bros.

Just the Famous Chestbump alone will kill it”. At 41 years of age, Mike and Bob Bryan motivated their decision in a press conference in November 2019. “For the last 21 years, we have been so grateful for the opportunity to live out our dreams of playing professional tennis.

It has truly been a magical ride. However, we want to end this great ride while we’re healthy and we can still compete for titles”. Let’s hope that the rapidly spreading virus will be settled down before the US Open starts, so we could witness the magic of the most successful duo of all time once more.

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