James Blake prepared the ultimate tennis experience for Miami Open, but COVID-19…

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James Blake prepared the ultimate tennis experience for Miami Open, but COVID-19…

James Blake, the tournament director of the Miami Open, made great efforts to transform the Masters 1000 event into one of the best in the world. Unfortunately, the fans will have to wait until 2021 before they can experience the new look and feel of the Floridian tournament.

Miami Open was relocated to the Hard Rock Stadium, the home of the Miami Dolphins football team, in 2019 and since then it has suffered constant improvements that made James Blake talk proudly of the event. Asked whether it was his intention to make Miami Open the ultimate tennis experience in the world, James Blake responded: ”Yes.

We wanted to make it not just a tennis experience, but an entertainment experience. There’s going to be music, there’s going to be different restaurants. I think there’s going to be people that are just going to get a grounds pass and hang out there and watch the biggest video screen in the sport of tennis”.

said Blake during an Outside The Ball interview. “What most tennis tournaments don’t have is this Miami culture. We’ve got beautiful murals on some of the outer courts and we’ve got the crowd. It’s going to be pretty special.

When you see it up close you can appreciate it so much more than you do when you see it on TV, because you can appreciate how strong these athletes really are, how fast they are, how fast the balls are moving…” Blake continued.

Nevertheless, Miami Open will be able to show its shiny new look only in 2021 due to the coronavirus emergency measure taken by the tennis authorities. Anyway, you can take a sneak peek by watching the video below.