Noah Rubin: There are some real financial issues going on

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Noah Rubin: There are some real financial issues going on

American Noah Rubin, ranked No. 224 in the world, says that he has some savings which give him a few months of cushion during the current tennis shutdown. The tennis tour has been shutdown since early March due to the global pandemic and will be on hold till atleast July 12th though many are of the opinion that the shutdown could be extended.

Speaking to Sports Business Daily, Rubin says, "I’ve been lucky to save a little bit of money here and there. I’ve done well at some of the bigger tournaments throughout my career which definitely helps ...

but at the same time it’s only given me a few extra months of cushion before I start really digging into my savings. (The Wimbledon cancelation) That takes away a little bit less than a quarter of my money for the year from that one tournament, so that’s troubling.

I already came to terms with the fact that we weren’t going to have Wimbledon far before they cancelled it, but it’s all coming out now and the world is seeing it for what it is, and it’s scary. This has to light a fire under people’s butts to say, “There’s some real issues going on”.

Rubin adds that he does not think the ATP Tour has the reserves to help players out and that tennis tournaments could also lose out due to sponsorship issues next year. "I do not think the money is actually there to help players out.

I don’t think tennis makes enough money in general to have the reserves needed to help out players in any way, and I think that’s highlighting a lot of issues within tennis. Tennis is built on sponsorships, and without a year of a tournament, it could be they can’t afford it next year. A lot of these tournaments, if they have one sponsor drop out ... that could mean the end of the tournament."