Taylor Fritz: I am in the best shape ever, I am ready to go

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Taylor Fritz: I am in the best shape ever, I am ready to go

American tennis star Taylor Fritz says he hopes to play the US Open in New York in August but is not sure if the tournament wold be able to go ahead amidst the current global pandemic. Speaking to Reuters, the 24th ranked Fritz says, "They are aiming for a certain time, but I think that time is a little bit unrealistic.

The goal is to play the U.S. Open but personally I don’t know how they are going to be able to do that. They want to be optimistic but it is tough as it keeps being pushed back”. Fritz says he is working on his fitness right now during the lockdown period and is in possibly the best shape of his life.

"I am spending more time working out than in training these days. There is nothing else I can really do." "I could (play) right now. I have been practicing enough to keep my level and then with all the gym stuff I have been doing I am in the best shape ever.

I am ready to go”. “I think this time is going to be really interesting when all the players come back to play because then you are going to see which players took the time to work on their fitness and get stronger and what players didn’t work during this time”.

Fritz reached his first ATP final at the Mexican Open where he lost to Rafael Nadal on 1st March, just a week before the tennis shutdown. "That was a really big result for me so I would say that after that my season was going really well and I was excited to bring that momentum into Indian Wells and Miami."

"So it kind of sucks that they were cancelled as I thought I had a good streak going”. "Mentally it is tough without having a start date. It would be easier if we had a start date." "At least, for me, mindset wise I am in a good place because I have a pretty high ranking so I am happy."

Fritz was also part of the virtual Stay at Home Slam where he won $1 million for charity partnering Tik Tok personality Addison Rae over the weekend.