Here is a chance to earn a once in a life time opportunity to hit with John Isner

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Here is a chance to earn a once in a life time opportunity to hit with John Isner

American tennis star John Isner has teamed up with Texas-based Team Luke Hope for Minds to provide one supporter and a friend a once in a lifetime experience to hit with Isner. Isner and Team Luke Hope for Minds have launched the 30 Balls Against The Wall Challenge.

Each person who participates in the challenge will be entered into a drawing where the winner and one other person of their choice will be given the opportunity to play tennis with Isner, who is ranked No. 21 in the world and is currently the top-ranked American player in the world rankings.

To participate in the challenge, a person has to follow the below three steps - 1. Take a video of you hitting three of your 30 balls against the wall. They don’t have to be 30 consecutive hits and you don’t have to video all 30—just a clip works.

2. Post your clip to your social media page on May 16 and tag Team Luke Hope for Minds. If you have a private account be sure to send them a direct message with a screen shot to ensure they can see your post. 3. Make a donation of $30 or more at or by texting “thirty” to 76278.

The winner will be announced on May 17. Team Luke Hope for Minds was founded by former Texas Tech men’s tennis coach, Tim Siegel, the father of Luke Siegel, who suffered a traumatic brain injury and chest trauma leading to an anoxic brain injury in a golf cart accident in July 2015.

For more information about the challenge or Team Luke Hope for Minds, you can visit their website -