Taylor Fritz: Nick Kyrgios and Jack Sock are among the better gamers on tour

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Taylor Fritz: Nick Kyrgios and Jack Sock are among the better gamers on tour

American Taylor Fritz says Australian Nick Kyrgios and American Jack Sock are among the better e-gamers from the world of professional tennis, in an interview to the ATP Tour website. “Nick Kyrgios is probably one of the better gamers on Tour.

He’s incredibly good at Call of Duty and FIFA. Jack Sock is really good at Fortnite as well”. The 22 year old is an avid gamer himself and also recently won a couple of virtual events for which the prize money went towards No Kid Hungry, a nonprofit that works to end child hunger in America.

“I like anything where I can be competitive playing against somebody. I bring my gaming laptop and controllers when I’m on the road and then also put a screen in my suitcase. The computer runs everything but sometimes the hotel wi-fi isn’t good enough, so then I just can’t play that week.

"I’m very empathetic towards kids since I have a child, so I can’t imagine my son being in a position where he doesn’t know if he can eat. That’s what No Kid Hungry is fighting to stop, so I’m making sure that I’m giving my time and donating to an organisation that’s doing everything they can to help kids.

I’m all for it”. Fritz has also invested in the epsorts industry, through his partnership with ReTKGlobal. "I always thought that the esports market was going to be big. I thought that it was a good time [to invest] and an opportunity presented itself, so I went for it.

I’ve watched a lot of the London Royal Ravens in the Call of Duty League and seen some of their pro players play in other games. I’ve gotten to play with some of those guys in public matches, so that’s been a lot of fun."