Venus Williams: You have to have dreams; I would like to win French & Australian Open

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Venus Williams: You have to have dreams; I would like to win French & Australian Open

Former World No. 1 Venus Williams says she has no plans to retire just yet and still has dreams of winning Grand Slam tournaments, during an interview with Alize Lim for the Tennis Majors website.

Venus Williams says you always have to have dreams

The seven-time Grand Slam singles champion Williams, who is 39 years old, says, "I probably won't be playing as long as what I have already played.

We'll see how I feel. I still love winning as much, but when it's over, it's over. I love the Olympics. My father always loved it, it was always his dream. That's why I played at the beginning and I also loved it growing up, I always liked being there.

You always have to have dreams, so I keep having them. I would like to win Roland-Garros. I was not far from it. The same goes for the Australian Open: I was unlucky, I always missed it a little. The Doubles Masters at the end of the season would be great too, as would winning the mixed doubles at Wimbledon and the US Open.

I think that you should always be dreaming. So if you’ve achieved all your dreams then either you want nothing else or you’re dead. So I think for me I’m still dreaming, it’s never enough if you win something, it’s not enough if you lose something so, yeah, it’s never enough”.

While many other top players have retired when they are not able to sustain their level at the top, Venus says she does not see her slide down the rankings as a failure. "I’ve had great moments, I’ve been on the top, I’ve been on the bottom, I’ve been down and out - I’ve done it all and I’ve been equally as happy during all of it.

And equally, I felt like I was giving it all. I never felt like I had failed or anything”. Williams says she has been very busy during the pandemic working out twice a day and working on her businesses that she owns. “You know I have two businesses - that’s more than enough, let me tell you.

Between that and playing tennis and Instagram live my days are just pretty crazy to be honest, crazier than ever before I feel like. Everyone’s like ‘It’s great to slow down,’ and I’m like ‘I haven’t had that chance.

I want to feel that. I want to explore other sides of myself, you know?’” Venus Williams is a five-time Wimbledon champion and two-time US Open champion in singles. She turns 40 years old later this month.