Anabel Croft: If I was still playing, I'd be ready to get back on court at US Open

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Anabel Croft: If I was still playing, I'd be ready to get back on court at US Open

Former British No. 1 Anabel Croft says that if she was still player on the tour right now, she would be ready to play the US Open in New York next month. The US Open is scheduled to be held in New York in late August. Several players have expressed concerns about travelling to and playing the US Open in the current situation, especially those based in Europe.

Anabel Croft on playing the US Open

Speaking to the Tennis365 website, Croft says if she was still active on the tour, she would take responsibility for her own health and compete at the tournament. "If I was still playing now, I would be ready to get back on court at the US Open next month.

Having been involved with the Battle of The Brits event at the LTA’s National Tennis Centre last week, I saw all the precautions that went into making sure that event ran smoothly and confirmed to me that tennis can be played in these extraordinary times.

The tournament was a huge success. From what I hear, the way they are planning to put the US Open on is a safety-first approach on every level, with precautions to protect the players to ensure they play in a safe environment a priority for everyone.

If I was a player and knew that all those precautions are in place, then I would take responsibility for my own health and make sure I needed to do what I need to do and play”. Croft says although the tournament would feel different since without any fans in the stands, she thinks players will still give their best on court.

"Empty stands at the US Open will be strange, but we saw Andy Murray walk on court at the Battle of the Brits event last week and there was no-one clapping, no cheers and everyone watching at home on TV enjoyed it.. giving his all playing some high-quality tennis.

All the top players have played most of their junior matches in front of no crowds, and just their parents watching. They practice a lot without anyone watching and when you are a ruthless competitor, they won’t care if a crowd is present when they get out on court and start playing."

Annabel Croft is a former British No. 1 and current radio and television presenter. She peaked at No. 24 in the world rankings and won 1 WTA singles title in her career.