New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has positive update for tennis fans about the US Open

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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has positive update for tennis fans about the US Open

Tennis - While there are still some concerns about the US Open Grand Slam event going ahead in New York next month, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has said that the event will go ahead when he appeared on the CNN TV show, “The Situation Room" with Wolf Blitzer.

Several players have expressed their concern about traveling to the United States due to the rising number of cases there as well as possible travel restrictions and quarantine rules when they go back to their home country.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on the US Open

Speaking on the show, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says, "Well, it’s all about health and safety first. The data is telling us it is not the time for large gatherings.

It means like street fairs. It means big outdoor concerts and it means things like parades… Just like we said, we are not having indoor dining in New York City, because we saw that it’s a really painful reality in Texas, Florida, and other places.

You’ve gotta be smart and Doctor Fauci keeps telling us, ‘pay attention to the facts and the facts lead you to the safe solutions’. So we don’t need big events anytime soon”. When Blitzer, who said he was a tennis fan himself, asked specifically about the US Open, the Mayor responds, “Well, look… It is one of the numbers of events, there’s going to be sports activities that we all love but without the audience.

So people will be able to watch it on TV and we keep the tradition going. We’re not gonna have crowds on the stands but tennis will be coming back”.

Mayor Bill de Blasio had said on Thursday that New York City would cancel street fairs, outdoor concerts, parades and other big events through September because of the global pandemic.

The US Open is scheduled to start on August 31, Monday, and is scheduled to end on September 13, Sunday. It remains to be seen which top players commit to playing the US Open in the coming weeks. The professional tennis circuit is set to resume in early August.