Patrick Mouratoglou: You want to see a Grand Slam with players from all countries

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Patrick Mouratoglou: You want to see a Grand Slam with players from all countries

Patrick Mouratoglou, the French coach of Serena Williams, has questioned whether the US Open should take place in New York next month if many of the players from Europe, South America or Australia are not able to travel for the tournament due to the current pandemic.

Mouratoglou also added that Serena Williams has been training ahead of the American Grand Slam as she wants to win a 24th Grand Slam title.

Patrick Mouratoglou on Serena Williams and the US Open

In an interview to the Tennis Majors website, Mouratoglou says, “Serena is practising of course.

She came back to tennis to win Grand Slams. Otherwise she would be at home with her family, which she is doing also, but she would do this and run her business full-time. She came back only for that. It’s her home grand slam, so she wants to play and she wants to do well, so she’s preparing for that”.

Speaking on the US Open Grand Slam event, Mouratoglou says he would like to see the tournament not restricted to just American players "I think that questions a lot the fact that it should happen or not. I think it starts to be difficult for the US Open to take place if you can’t have, say, South Americans or Australians.

Europeans, a lot of them maybe will decide not to go because they want to play also Madrid, Rome and Roland-Garros. If there is some quarantine there from the US to Europe, then they cannot come. You don’t want to see the American championships at the US Open.

You want to see a Grand Slam with all the countries”. Serena Williams has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles in her career and she is aiming to win a record equaling 24th Grand Slam singles title. The record is currently held by Australian Margaret Court.

She has installed the new surface being used at the US Open in order to prepare for the event. The American Grand Slam event is scheduled to take place in New York from August 31st. Several of the players who are based in Europe have expressed their concerns about travelling to New York during the current crisis and also about the hygiene protocols being proposed by the USTA in order to ensure the safety of the players.