Benoit Paire and the 'fake bubble' while Mladenovic talks of 'bubble within a bubble'

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Benoit Paire and the 'fake bubble' while Mladenovic talks of 'bubble within a bubble'

Frenchman Benoit Paire has said that he is doing fine health-wise and has no symptoms as of now, but called the bubble created by the USTA at the US Open a 'fake bubble' Paire tested positive for the coronavirus and was the first player to be be withdrawn from the tournament.

On his Instagram account, he posted a message in which he says "I’m fine for now I have no symptoms .. I hesitate to tell what is really going on in this Fake Bubble (Translated quotes)".

Meanwhile, the USTA has completed the contact tracing of the players who had been in close contact with Paire at the tournament and stricter guidelines have been put in place for these players.

Media reports suggest 7 players may have been in contact with Paire but they would still continue in the tournament. US Open officials also confirmed that the players who have been in contact with Paire will have to undergo daily tests for the virus, rather than the normal protocol of tests every four days, and would be able to play in the tournament.

Kristina Mladenovic talks about being in a bubble within a bubble

One of those players, Frenchwoman Kristina Mladenovic, won her first round match at the US Open on Monday, beating American Hailey Baptiste 7-5, 6-2. Speaking to reporters after her win, Mladenovic spoke about the new protocols that had been put in place for this group of players.

“Let’s make it simple, I’m allowed to play my match, I’m literally allowed to do nothing else. I don’t know how we are going to keep going, but yeah, I’m not allowed to fitness, to any public like bubble thing, I’m not allowed to do anything anymore.

I’m completely on my own with my brother / coach, so it is literally a bubble in the bubble, I don’t know how to be more precise”. “Literally seeing no one else, not allowed to any other facilities that have been put in place for the players, like I said, it’s mentally very tough, I still have to find a way and discuss with the USTA how we can organize things in order for me to be at least competitive, and have equipment to keep working.

I managed to win my first match my next match is on Wednesday I assume so there’s lots of time til then. Hopefully I can be in the best condition for that”. Another player, Frenchman Adrian Mannarino, also confirmed that he was one of the other people who is part of the group of players under the new protocol.

Mannarino won his first round match against Lorenzo Sonego on Monday. The talk around Benoit Paire and the US Open bubble will surely be continuing in the coming days.