Sofia Kenin: I'm going to take the positives from here.. Looking forward to Paris

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Sofia Kenin: I'm going to take the positives from here.. Looking forward to Paris

Reigning Australian Open champion Sofia Kenin credited her opponent Elise Mertens for playing better on the day after the Belgian scored a 6-3, 6-3 win over the young American in the fourth round of the US Open on Monday.

Kenin had come into the match, having won her last 10 Grand Slam matches in a row but was outplayed by the No. 16 seeded Mertens. Speaking to the press after her loss, Mertens says, "I mean, I wish I could have found a way because I know her game.

She obviously played well. I obviously did not bring my game that I wanted to bring against a player like her. You have to have your game, not make that many mistakes like I did. I almost came back in the first. Yeah, I tried to just stay, hang in there, even though I wasn't feeling 100% clearly game-wise.

Yeah, obviously that did not succeed today."

Sofia Kenin says she is looking forward to the French Open after US Open loss

The American did put up a brave front at her press conference after the match, although she was clearly disappointed about the loss.

"I did better at US Open than I usually do, fourth round, that's better. This is not funny, but somehow you have to joke around (laughter). I'm going to take the positives from here, try to forget this match. Yeah, I cried after already.

Just trying to hold it back right now. Not happy about that match, but we'll see. I mean, a loss is a loss. I never like to lose. I hate losing. Like I said, I cried after. Yeah, this is not something that I like. Obviously it's gotten better since I'm not losing that much." The 21 year old Sofia Kenin also confirmed that she would be travelling to Europe to compete in the clay court events.

"Yeah, definitely I'm going. We will go, like, probably in two, three days. I'm heading over to Rome. Possibly Strasbourg, I'm not sure, but for sure on Paris. Yeah, I love Roland Garros a lot. I had a really great one last year. I feel like after that things just started clicking for me.

I started playing better. I found my great tennis. Yeah, I'm super excited to be there. Hopefully I can do well there."