Tim Henman to Andy Murray: Don't listen to those who are calling for your retirement

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Tim Henman to Andy Murray: Don't listen to those who are calling for your retirement

Former British No. 1 Tim Henman insists that Andy Murray has lifted his game over the last few months and that the Briton should not listen to those who are calling for his retirement. Murray, 34, has had two major hip surgeries since 2017 and he hasn't been the same player even since undergoing the first hip surgery.

"If you had a graph of his tennis over the last few months, the Andy Murray of today beats the player who played in the first round at Queen’s back in June quite easily,” Henman told Kevin Palmer while working for Prime Video, as quoted on Tennishead.

“He has clearly made progress. You can see that the little tournament play he has had and staying relatively injury-free gives him a chance to make progress and compete”. Murray hasn't been contending for the biggest titles since his first hip surgery but still he loves the game and doesn't want to retire.

"So he should play for as long as he wants,” Henman went on to say. “There is plenty of time to be retired, so he doesn’t need to listen to people telling him to retire. "He has earned the right to decide when that decision comes”.

Murray urges players to take the COVID-19 vaccine

A few days ago, Murray revealed he was vaccinated and urged fellow players to take the jab. "I feel like I'm enjoying kind of a farily normal life, whereas for the players that haven't, it's different.

I'm sure they'll be frustrated with that," Murray insisted. "Ultimately I guess the reason why all of us are getting vaccinated is to look out for the wider public. We have a responsibility as players that are traveling across the world, yeah, to look out for everyone else as well. "I'm happy that I'm vaccinated. I'm hoping that more players choose to have it in the coming months."

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