Andy Murray unloads on Stefanos Tsitsipas: I have lost respect for him


Andy Murray unloads on Stefanos Tsitsipas: I have lost respect for him

Three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray was furious after Stefanos Tsitsipas took a nearly 10-minute bathroom break following the end of the fourth set. Murray was videly frustrated with the long bathroom break and he dropped his serve in the opening game of the fifth set.

Tsitsipas, seeded at No. 3, ended up beating Murray 2-6 7-6 (7) 3-6 6-3 6-4 to progress into the US Open second round. "It's not so much leaving the court. It's the amount of time. I spoke to my team before the match about it and said to expect that, prepare for it if things were not going his way.

So I was trying to do that," Murray said of Tsitsipas' extended bathroom break. "But the issue is that you cannot stop the way that affects you physically. When you are playing a brutal match like that, you know, stopping for seven, eight minutes, you do cool down.

You can prepare for it mentally as much as you like, but it's the fact that it does affect you physically when you take a break that long, well, multiple times during the match. "Every single it was either -- well, before my serve as well.

I think when he took the medical timeout, it was just after I had won the third set. Also in the fourth set when I had Love-30, he chose to go -- I don't know if he changed his racquet or what he was doing."

Murray noted it could not have been a coincidence

Murray wasn't happy at all with Tsitsipas behavior and noted that he has lost respect for the Greek tennis star.

"But, yeah, it can't be coincidence that it's happening at those moments. I don't believe it was causing him any issue at all. The match went on for another two and a bit hours after that or something. He was fine, moving great I thought," Murray claimed.

"Yeah, it's just disappointing because I thought it influenced the outcome of the match. I'm not saying I necessarily win that match, for sure, but it had influence on what was happening after those two breaks. "I rate him a lot.

I think he is a brilliant player. I think he is great for the game. But I have zero time for that stuff all, and I lost respect for him."

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