Andy Murray: I could beat Stefanos Tsitsipas if we played again

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Andy Murray: I could beat Stefanos Tsitsipas if we played again

Former world No. 1 Andy Murray was frustrated after delivering a good performance against Stefanos Tsitsipas and losing it but he was also glad that he managed to beat Ugo Humbert despite not playing that great. Murray suffered a five-set defeat to Tsitsipas in the US Open first round but on Tuesday recovered from a set down to beat Humbert in the Metz first round.

"Winning is all that matters to me, really,” Murray said, per Tennis Majors. “Well, there’s two things that matter. I think your effort and attitude is probably is number one, because that’s what you can control.

And then, after that…I think you either win or lose. “Obviously against Tsitsipas, I played well and lost the match. And that was extremely disappointing for me, in a grand slam and everything. It was very frustrating.

But then tonight, I didn’t play well and won. And that’s really, really important to win those sorts of matches”.

Murray believes he could beat Tsitsipas

“I do believe that if I play that match with Tsitsipas again, I think more often than not I come through that match, with the opportunities I created,” Murray said.

“I’m not saying I’d beat him every time, but if I put myself in those positions and I’m playing well, I’m going to win that match more often. “These are the sort of matches that are probably harder to win, when you’re maybe not playing your best and you’re having to come from behind and stuff.

So, winning is what sport’s about. Obviously, if you can play great whilst doing that, you know, even better. But if you can’t and you don’t play your best, then winning is a great feeling. And that’s why I’m still playing.

I have little goals, like trying to get to 700 wins on the tour and things like that. That’s what matters. I’m not particularly interested in losing and playing well”.