Frances Tiafoe shares heartfelt message to Andy Murray following epic clash

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Frances Tiafoe shares heartfelt message to Andy Murray following epic clash

Frances Tiafoe showed love and major respect for three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray following their clash in Antwerp. Murray, now ranked at No. 172 in the world, edged out Tiafoe 7-6 (2) 6-7 (7) 7-6 (8) after three hours and 45 minutes to reach the Antwerp round-of-16.

It was the longest three-hour match of the season. "I don’t even really know what to say. Last night was just insane," Tiafoe wrote in an Instagram post. "It definitely hurts to be on the wrong side of the stick after a match like this….but damn that’s why I play this game.

To battle the best players in the world. We sure did battle 2 out 3 sets in 3 hrs and 45 minutes. I’m still hurting bro. Gotta S/O @andymurray you a true inspiration bro. Everything you been thru and your playing at this high of a level and still keep your standards extremely high.

Asking for the best out of yourself and then some. All while having a metal hip. Your the biggest competitor I know the respect I have for you is thru the roof. As much as I wish I beat yo ass last night. To share a historic match like that glad it was against you man.

Nothing but love and respect for SIR ANDY MURRAY."

Murray and Tiafoe chatted for half an hour

“[I had] a long chat with Frances afterwards, so I’ll probably remember that and then the embrace at the end.

I guess so much went into it that I don’t remember loads of points in the match, but obviously the end was special. I’ve never played a match like that on the tour really…. In the locker room we had a much more in-depth chat about tennis, not so much the match….

That was kind of rare I would say," Murray said. “There’s obviously so much that goes into a match like that. The margins were so fine. I served particularly well at the end, which helped, and when he missed his first serve on that match point.

I was able to capitalise on that. “Then in terms of what I’ll remember, I just spent probably 30 minutes in the locker room afterwards just chatting to Frances really”.