Andy Murray: I hated driving Ferrari, I felt so self conscious

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Andy Murray: I hated driving Ferrari, I felt so self conscious

Three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray claims he "hated driving a Ferrari" because it just wasn't like to be driving such a car. Murray, 34, is set to finish his season this week at the Stockholm Open. Before his first round match, Murray was asked to pick between Ferrari and Volkswagen.

"I have driven both and I hated driving a Ferrari. I felt so self conscious. It is just not me at all, I hated it," Murray said in Stockholm.

Murray set for a 'defining 2022 season'

Former British No. 1 Greg Rusedski believes that 2022 will be the defining year of Murray's career.

"I think 2022 we will know what Andy Murray is going to do. Is he going to continue on tour or is it going to be his last year? I think this is kind of the season that's going to determine how much longer we're going to see of that great champion," Rusedski told Sky Sports.

"Next year is going to allow him to make the decision he wants because he will look back at this year and say, 'I trained really hard in the off-season, I was very unlucky I caught COVID so I was ready for the Australian Open', which is one of his favourite tournaments.

He reached the final on six occasions and he really didn't get that momentum he was hoping for." Murray is 34 and Rusedski believes 2022 is his last chance to show that he can still play at a high level. "Now with restrictions being lifted, now that you're vaccinated and travelling has become a little bit easier without the quarantine, there's not really any excuse.

He can have a season where he can travel, choose his events, hopefully physically stay strong and he can make a decision on what he wants to do because at 34 years of age it doesn't get any easier, trust me!" Rusedski added.