Judy Murray: The chance to create a legacy from Andy and Jamie's success wasted

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Judy Murray: The chance to create a legacy from Andy and Jamie's success wasted

Judy Murray has suggested that the chance to build a tennis legacy in Scotland has been largely wasted. Judy's sons Andy and Jamie are both multiple Grand Slam champions. Andy is a former world No. 1 in singles, while Jamie is a former world No.

1 in doubles. Judy has been urging Scotland for years to build on the success of Andy and Jamie.. "I predicted, quite some time ago, that Jamie and Andy would retire and there would be nothing to show for it, and I really feel that now," Judy told BBC Scotland.

"We will never get this chance again. "We've had the most incredible shop window for tennis and largely we have wasted it."

Jamie Murray agrees with Judy

"Ultimately if we stopped playing tomorrow, and you drive around Scotland, what is there to show for all the achievements, particularly Andy's achievements," Jamie said on BBC's Good Morning Scotland radio programme.

"I just don't see how we've got anything to show for it, which I think is really sad." In 2016. Tennis Scotland, Sportscotland and the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) announced a joint £15m investment to double the amount of indoor courts in Scotland from 112 to 225.

To this day, nothing has been done about that. "The doubling of indoor courts is basically an ambition and a long term target," Tennis Scotland CEO Blane Dodds said. "There has been a lot of activity and three proposals have now passed stage two, which we are delighted about.

"The way the funding works is that other partners must put in a third of the money to unlock some of the £15 million." Judy says it's a fact that not enough people have access to courts in Scotland. "Yes, most clubs will have seen a growth in participation, partly because of what the boys have done and partly, and more recently, because of Covid but there's far too many pockets of the country where there are just no courts and nowhere to play, and that frustrates me," Judy noted.