Fueled by doubters, Andy Murray aims strong 2022 season

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Fueled by doubters, Andy Murray aims strong 2022 season

Andy Murray is determined to put himself in a position to have a good 2022 season. Murray, 34, underwent two major hip surgeries in the last few years but he is refusing to quit. Murray, a three-time Grand Slam champion and a former world No.

1, hasn't made a notable Grand Slam result since 2017. “I just want to get the most out of what I can, whilst I'm still able to do it,” Murray exclusively told Eurosport. “I've spoken to many ex-players that have said, ‘When it's gone, nothing will replace it.

So enjoy it whilst you're able to, play as long as you can’. Because I know a lot of players have stopped and kind of regret it when they could have kept going”.

Murray plays with a metal hip

“Lots of people said to me, ‘Stop mentioning it, stop talking about metal hip’.

And I'm like, ‘Why? It's relevant’,” Murray said. Murray hasn't been getting the results he would over the last few years but his story is inspirational. “The fact that I'm able to still do this, and compete with the best players in the world with a metal hip, I'm proud that I'm able to do that and I think there's very few people that would be able to compete (like that).

“I've had lots of people come up to me and say, ‘It's inspirational that you keep trying, you keep fighting and you keep going’, and I guess that's something that I would, probably when I finished playing, be remembered for”.

Many believe that Murray is washed and done -- that's exactly where Murray finds motivation to go out and prove everyone wrong. “I’ve always kind of felt that way. I like it when people say that there's something that I can’t do or something that I shouldn't do. That motivates me a lot,” Murray acknowledged.