Andy Murray speaks on his admiration for Muhammed Ali

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Andy Murray speaks on his admiration for Muhammed Ali
Andy Murray speaks on his admiration for Muhammed Ali

Andy Murray revealed he was a Muhammad Ali admirer and he enjoyed watching the boxing legend silent his doubters. Murray, 34, is a three-time Grand Slam champion and a former world No. 1 but he has been far from his best tennis after undergoing two major hip surgeries.

"I love boxing and his story I thought was an amazing story,” Murray told Eurosport. “When he beat George Foreman to win the world title, everyone thought he was finished, that he had absolutely no chance, everybody like wrote him off and stuff.

That was something that for me at the time was inspirational. “Right now I don't think about that every single day but it's another situation where people shouldn't be so quick always to write everyone off. “It happened with – and I'm not saying I'm Roger Federer or Muhammad Ali, I'm certainly not.

But I still have the ability to compete with the best players in the world. If my body is able to stay healthy, it's certainly a possibility. And whilst that possibility is still there, I'm going to keep on keep trying to achieve what it is that I want”.

Murray aims a deep Grand Slam

Murray hasn't had a notable Grand Slam ever since he lost to Stan Wawrinka in the 2017 French Open semifinal. Murray wants to make a deep Grand Slam run in 2022 and silence his doubters. “The biggest goal is to have a deep run in a Grand Slam and be in the quarter-finals, semi-finals of a Slam, have that sort of fairytale scenario where it's like, ‘Could he do it again? Is it possible?’” Murray said.

This offseason, Murray split with his long-term coach Jamie Delgado. “It's not easy working with someone that you're friends with and when it's not going well at the end there's probably frustration on both sides,” Murray explained.

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