Andy Murray speaks on Amelie Mauresmo becoming first female French Open TD

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Andy Murray speaks on Amelie Mauresmo becoming first female French Open TD

Andy Murray is rooting for Amelie Mauresmo to do a great job as the new French Open tournament director. Guy Forget resigned as the French Open tournament director after five years and the French Tennis Federation named Mauresmo as his replacement.

Mauresmo became the first female ever to be the French Open tournament director. "It's obviously brilliant for her,” Murray told Eurosport. “I'm sure she'll do a really, really good job. It just seems crazy that it's now nearly 2022 and it’s the first time that a female has been a tournament director there.

“However it's great that she now gets that opportunity. She's very well-respected in tennis certainly and tennis in France as well. I hope it goes well for her, I hope she gets properly supported by everyone. It’ll be interesting to see what she does with the role, what changes she makes”.

Murray worked with Mauresmo

After Mauresmo retired from professional tennis, she coached Murray. Murray's decision to hire Mauresmo in 2014 made all the headlines as a top male player hiring a female coach wasn't something ordinary.

Meanwhile, Mauresmo hopes to lift the French Open to another level. "The sporting aspect is, of course, my primary concern, but I also want to get involved with subjects like the stadium’s occupancy rate, the responsible and philanthropic aspect of the tournament, tennis for health, the environment… These issues are very important to me, and I have already brought them up in our discussions because I want to get involved in all that," Mauresmo said.

"We found that we were on the same page about the majority of these subjects. Not all, but that’s completely normal! We will work on continuing what Guy [Forget, the previous director] and his team put in place, but the general idea is to go that step further."