Andy Murray hopes to avoid contracting virus ahead of 2022 Australian open

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Andy Murray hopes to avoid contracting virus ahead of 2022 Australian open

Former world No. 1 Andy Murray says he now has a clear picture in his mind of how he wants to play. Murray, 34, had to make several changes to his game after undergoing two major hip surgeries. “I feel like now I’m a lot clearer in my mind about how I’m going to play and the way I’m going to go about my matches in the next year,” Murray said, per the Japan Times.

“Decisionmaking comes from having a clear mind and clarity about the way you want to play, and right now I’m quite sure on that and I believe that will help me in the important moments”. Murray contracted the COVID-19 early this year and he was forced to skip the Australia.

As the COVID-19 cases are surging all over the world, Murray is hoping to avoid the same scenario in 2022. “Obviously, it’s a concern,” he said. “I want to try and stay safe. When I get home, I’m going to do all of my physical training at home in my house and avoid going to the national tennis center.

There have been a number of cases there over the last week to 10 days”.

Murray hopes for an Australian Open wild card

Murray has played in five Australian Open finals but he doesn't have an Australian Open title in his collection.

“I kind of feel like I maybe deserve to have an Australian Open, but I never got it done in the big matches there,” he said. “Got close and was in good position a couple of times, but couldn’t convert it so that’s something I obviously have to deal with.

But my memories from Australia, in terms of how I feel about the place, I love it there”. Murray played at the Mubadala World Tennis Championships, where he lost to Andrey Rublev in the final. “I’m flying home this evening, will have a chat to the team, go through how the week was. I think overall it was positive,” Murray said.