Andy Murray explains why he is concerned about DC amid proposed move to Abu Dhabi

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Andy Murray explains why he is concerned about DC amid proposed move to Abu Dhabi

Former world No. 1 Andy Murray admitted that he is "concerned" about the Davis Cup. The ITF made radical changes to the Davis Cup format a few years ago and since then the ITF has received many criticism from past and present players.

Murray, who won the Davis Cup in 2015, was asked about the proposed Davis Cup FInals move to Abu Dhabi. Murray skipped this year's Davis Cup Finals. “I am concerned about the Davis Cup,” Murray told Eurosport.

“I've obviously played here in Abu Dhabi and there are a lot of expats and stuff, and I feel like when I played here, my matches have always been well-attended and supported. It's been really good. "But I also experienced (the Davis Cup Finals) in Spain, which is a country that loves tennis.

I played the Davis Cup there a couple of years ago, we played against the Dutch, and we played against Kazakhstan and it was by far the worst atmosphere that I've played in the Davis Cup."

Murray explains what's the biggest issue now

“I think it (having the crowd behind the home team) was the thing that made the Davis Cup standout for the players and everything and it was good for the sport,” Murray said.

“It's not to say that you couldn’t host it here and have very good crowds, I'm not saying the stands will be empty. But it's just not the same when you don't have that partisan crowd. "So year, i worry a bit for the Davis Cup and for me it's not about that being in Abu Dhabi.

"It was a problem when it was in Spain too. I'm just sceptical about enough tennis fans travelling so like, if Spain were playing Russia in the final here, would you get enough Spanish fans travelling and enough Russian fans travelling to make it here? So I think that that's the concern for me."