Louis Cayer reveals what Andy Murray was doing prior to 2015 Davis Cup final

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Louis Cayer reveals what Andy Murray was doing prior to 2015 Davis Cup final

Renowned doubles coach Louis Cayer revealed he and Andy Murray would go to Queen's during the 2015 Atp Finals to practice doubles drills on clay. Murray led Great Britain to the 2015 Davis Cup Finals and he was determined to do everything he could to help his nation win the competition.

There were even rumors of Murray contemplating to skip the ATP Finals so he could solely focus on the Davis Cup final. At the time, the ATP reminded Murray of his obligation and he appeared at the ATP Finals that year. "During the 2015 ATP World Tour Finals at the O2 [arena], where he was in the singles, we would go to Queen's to practice doubles drills on claycourt," Cayer said on the ATP Tennis Radio Podcast, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

"He may even have jeopardized his success at the O2 in 2015, because the Davis Cup was what he wanted."

Murray won the Davis Cup

Murray fulfilled his goal as Great Britain beat Belgium in the final. "Andy Murray was fully aware that he could win his two singles and that if he won the doubles with Jamie [Murray], then they win the Davis Cup," Cayer said.

"So he took 25 to 30 hours of purely doubles training with me." Last week, Murray revealed his concern about the Davus Cup. “I am concerned about the Davis Cup,” Murray told Eurosport. “I've obviously played here in Abu Dhabi and there are a lot of expats and stuff, and I feel like when I played here, my matches have always been well-attended and supported.

It's been really good. "But I also experienced (the Davis Cup Finals) in Spain, which is a country that loves tennis. I played the Davis Cup there a couple of years ago, we played against the Dutch, and we played against Kazakhstan and it was by far the worst atmosphere that I've played in the Davis Cup."

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