Andy Murray jokes: Got my third microchip injected into me today

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Andy Murray jokes: Got my third microchip injected into me today
Andy Murray jokes: Got my third microchip injected into me today

Three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray announced he received his third COVID-19 vaccine dose. Murray had been fully vaccinated for quite some time and for the past few months he has been urging tennis players and fans to get vaccinated.

"Got my 3rd microchip injected into me today. Joking is the best. Thank you scientists, thank you doctors and health care workers for the incredible work you are doing," Murray tweeted. Murray missed this year's Australian Open due to a positive COVID-19 test and he is hoping to avoid the same fate in 2022.

“Obviously, it’s a concern,” he said. “I want to try and stay safe. When I get home, I’m going to do all of my physical training at home in my house and avoid going to the national tennis center.

There have been a number of cases there over the last week to 10 days”.

Murray weights in on the Novak Djokovic situation

Djokovic is refusing to reveal his vaccination and Murray was asked would he be surprised if the Serb indeed skipped the Australian Open.

“Yes I would be surprised by that because I believe the vaccine is to be safe. I know some people are now saying they're not effective because they're now having to get more vaccines to help against the new strains and everything but that's I think with a lot of illnesses and diseases,” Murray told Eurosport.

“Like the flu for example, we're offered flu jabs every year, and they’re tweaked slightly, just to try to reduce the risk. I believe them to be safe and effective, so yeah, I'd be surprised if he didn't go for that reason.

“But also, I guess it's getting very close now and we don't really know exactly what's happening, but you'd assume that he’s potentially been reluctant to do it. So I guess if I heard tomorrow he wasn’t going, would I be surprised? No I don’t think so."

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