Tomas Berdych. Andy Murray knows chasing Grand Slam title is not possible now

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Tomas Berdych. Andy Murray knows chasing Grand Slam title is not possible now

Former world No. 4 Tomas Berdych said if playing tennis is making Andy Murray happy then he should play as long as he wants. Murray, 34, has had two major hip surgeries since 2017 and his best days are over. The last five years haven't been easy for Murray but the three-time Grand Slam never wanted to simply walk away from the game.

Murray still wants to play but Berdych acknowledged that Grand Slam titles are out of Murray's reach at this stage of his career. "I know him well. We've played each other throughout my whole career so if this is what makes him happy, satisfied, then he should keep going.

That's an advantage of tennis because these kind of career decisions only really belong to you. Whatever you feel and whatever you want to do, you do it," Berdych told Sky Sports.

Berdych says winning a Major again not possible for Murray

"Everybody gets their choice and if he feels good, it's perfect.

He knows chasing a Grand Slam title is not possible now, and making more money is not an issue for him, so it's just the pure love of the sport and if he feels the level he's at right now is enough for him then keep on playing, why not? I would probably be playing myself if my hip and lower back problems didn't bother me and I had a solution to it," Berdych added.

Meanwhile, former Australian tennis player Mark Philippoussis said it's awesome to have Murray still around. "It's awesome seeing him. He shows his passion being out there, grinding, enjoying, and competing," Philippoussis said.

David Ferrer, who had some great battles with Murray, is also happy to see Murray still around. "He finished the year playing really good. It's important for Andy to play big tournaments, rest, and be ready for playing tournaments he decides to play," Ferrer said.