Andrew Castle speaks on Andy Murray still pushing himself hard

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Andrew Castle speaks on Andy Murray still pushing himself hard

Former British tennis player Andrew Castle says Andy Murray must really love the game since he still hanging around. Murray suffered a major hip injury in 2017 and his career was in jeopardy. Before suffering the injury, Murray had already accomplished some of the biggest things in the game.

Murray had three Grand Slams in his collection, two Olympic gold medals and a No. 1 ranking. However, Murray refused to quit and simply walk away from the game. Murray underwent two major hip surgeries and decided to continue his career.

Murray hasn't been the same player since suffering the major hip surgery but still he is hanging around and trying his best day in and day out. "He doesn’t want to give up and I completely understand that,” Castle said in a recent interview, per Tennishead.

“If you don’t love the game, forget about it. “So he must love the game. “He loves winning, competing, trying his best in training. “You have to love all aspects of it”.

Castle unsure what motivates Murray

Murray hasn't had many notable results over the last five years but he has been an inspiration to many.

Murray has been praised by a number of current and former players for his fighting spirit and competitiveness. “With Andy, I don’t know what the driving force is, but you are never going to be able to go back and do this again, so it is a mature attitude to stay with it,” Castle said.

“He can still conduct his other business activities and build other areas of his life and still do this. “Let’s be honest, 34 is not old and his body can keep going it seems”. Murray enjoyed some success in Australia as he made his first ATP final since 2019 in Sydney. Unfortunately for Murray, he ended runner-up to Aslan Karatsev in the Sydney final.