Andy Murray to donate all prize money earned in 2022 to UNICEF Ukraine appeal

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Andy Murray to donate all prize money earned in 2022 to UNICEF Ukraine appeal

Three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray has announced he has joined forces with UNICEF UK and pledged to donate all the prize money he earns this year to the Unicef UK Ukraine appeal. Murray, a former world No. 1, is well-known for his humanitarian work so this shouldn't come as a big surprise.

The people of Ukraine, including the children, are going through a very dark time and Murray wants to use his position to try to help as much as he can. "Over 7.5m children are at risk with the escalating conflict in Ukraine, so I’m working with @UNICEF_uk to help provide urgent medical supplies and early childhood development kits," Murray wrote on Twitter.

"It’s vital education continues, so UNICEF is working to enable access to learning for displaced children, as well as supporting the rehabilitation of damaged schools, together with replacement equipment and furniture.

"I’m going to be donating my earnings from my prize money for the rest of the year, but anyone in the UK can support UNICEF’s humanitarian response by donating to our appeal by following this link - "Children in Ukraine need peace - now."

Murray adds Ivan Lendl to his coaching staff

Last week, Murray announced a shock reunion with Lendl, a coach who guided him to three Grand Slams and the No.

1 ranking. Murray has made it clear his goal is to make strong results this year and he believes Lendl is the one who can help in his goal to reaching the previous heights. "One of the things that helped me a lot was that someone like him, he was considered to be mentally very strong, he didn't show many emotions on the court, but then just talking to him about how he used to feel before Grand Slam finals and stuff, you know he used to get extremely nervous, he said he used to sometimes vomit before he went on the court," Murray told the Moselle Open. "But then people would see him on the court and think he looks like he's quite relaxed."