Andy Murray reveals daughter's way of annoying him at home

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Andy Murray reveals daughter's way of annoying him at home

Three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray says his six-year-old daughter is well-aware of who he is and sometimes she calls him by his full name to annoy him. Murray, a former world No. 1, absolutely hates it when his daugher calls him by his full name as he described it as an "awkaward situation." “I think they’re aware, my oldest one is aware, she’s now six, she knows that – like sometimes she calls me Andy Murray, which I find incredibly awkward.

I’m like, ‘No, I’m daddy. I’m not Andy Murray, I’m daddy. She does it now to wind me up, she does it especially when she’s around her friends and stuff," Murray said.

Murray reaches a milestone in Indian Wells

On Friday, Murray defeated Taro Daniel in the Indian Wells first round to clinch his 700th career win.

"This was a target I sort of set myself at the back end of last year," Murray said in his post-match interview. "It's a lot of wins. Obviously very happy to get it here, and let's go for 800 now." Murray, who turned pro in 2005, is one of the most accomplished players from his generation and he will go down as legend.

"I wouldn't say during my career I was focused necessarily on match wins, numbers and things like that," Murray reflected. "However, as I've got older, you're coming towards the end of your career, there's certain milestones that would be something nice to achieve.

"Reaching that number [700 wins] is a really, really good achievement," he continued. "I do look at that stuff now. I do look at the other players that are around me, around those numbers. It gives me some motivation and encouragement to try to get higher and win more matches." Meanwhile, Murray reunited with coach Ivan Lendl as he hasn't given up on the idea of making a strong Grand Slam result once again.