Andy Murray defends Wimbledon and (indirectly) criticizes Naomi Osaka

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Andy Murray defends Wimbledon and (indirectly) criticizes Naomi Osaka

ATP and WTA have decided to severely punish the choice made by the Wimbledon organizers. The two top world tennis bodies have in fact announced that the next edition of the Championships will not award points to the participants.

The former number one of the WTA ranking Naomi Osaka, precisely by virtue of the sanction applied by the ATP and the WTA, has questioned her participation in the London Slam: "I think the decision not to award points in this tournament will affect my choice.

I'm not sure I'll be attending. I'd like to be able to play and get more experience on grass, but I don't think it makes sense. Also, on the grass, I got very injured and this scares me. We will see what happens in the next few weeks and then I will decide.

But without points, Wimbledon will be like an exhibition. You cannot give your 100% without points being given away." The Japanese did not mince words and expressed her harsh point of view without too many problems.

Murray responds to Osaka and defends Wimbledon

Andy Murray, who has spoken out against the exclusion of Russian and Belarusian tennis players, has defended Wimbledon through his Twitter account.

The tweet posted by the Scot sounds like a real response to Osaka's recent words. Murray explained: "I follow golf closely and have no idea how many points a Masters winner gets. My friends and I love football and none of us know or are interested in the number of points a team earns after winning the World Cup.

But I could tell you exactly who won the World Cup and the Masters. I guess most people who watch a match on Wimbledon Center Court in a few weeks won't think about how many points in the leaderboard a player would get for winning a third round match.

But I guarantee you they will remember the winner's name. Wimbledon will never be a performance and it will never feel like a performance. The end."