Andy Murray discovers that his mother was assaulted: "I'm upset"

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Andy Murray discovers that his mother was assaulted: "I'm upset"
Andy Murray discovers that his mother was assaulted: "I'm upset" (Provided by Tennis World USA)

The bond between mum Judy and Andy Murray is very important and close, both on and off the tennis court. Internationally renowned instructor and coach, she has followed and led her two sons in racket sport, giving them all her support especially in the initial phase (but not only) of their career as professional players.

The relationship is so strong that the British former number one in the world has had to deal with a shocking news on a mental level (and not only), which concerns his mother very closely. In an interview with the Sunday Post, the English woman left everyone speechless at the revelation brought to light.

It was in fact revealed how she had been the victim of an assault last 2014. According to what was told it was a trauma, suffered by a drunk man, which made her go through a very complicated period, with stomach pains and a constant state of discomfort especially on the occasions of public meetings.

Judy chose not to talk about it with anyone, emptying and denouncing everything in this speech: "Too often women are made to feel that the world of sport is not for us and that our presence is neither welcome nor important.

If we don't make noise, nobody hears us. We must denounce injustices and unacceptable behavior. I understand that now," she said.

Andy Murray's reaction

Andy Murray found out all this when the interview was published. A terrible blow to stomach and in an interview with Bloomberg he said: "My mom sent me a message at that moment to let me know that there was an article about it.

I was really angry for her. I was really upset but didn't know what to say. I sent her an answer, I called her the next day to talk to her and to make sure she was okay," explained. Stories that unfortunately are part of everyday life and happen more and more often: "Alas it is now familiar to many women.

This kind of behavior should not be tolerated anywhere," the former Wimbledon winner underlined and concluded.

Andy Murray