Mats Wilander: "Andy Murray's work with Ivan Lendl is working"

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Mats Wilander: "Andy Murray's work with Ivan Lendl is working"

Mats Wilander explained that the fruits of the collaboration between Andy Murray and Ivan Lendl are beginning to be seen. Wilander said: "Andy Murray's second serve has improved a lot since he resumed working with Ivan Lendl.

It is more incisive and the opponents struggle to read the direction. Also, I think Lendl helps him feel more comfortable on the court thanks to his advice on tactics. Murray is a super talented player and is capable of taking any shot.

I think his completeness is too often underestimated. At the same time, it can be dangerous to be too creative. Ivan's contribution is seen more and more as the weeks go by. We met in Florida a few months ago and he explained what he intended to do with Andy.

They worked really hard on the athletic level, so as to allow Murray to take advantage of his tennis IQ. I think he still has something to give to the sport." Laura Robson also expressed her opinion on it: "Andy still plays good tennis, so it's only fair that he keep enjoying the tour."

Andy Murray's latests

Andy Murray's career seemed to come to an end a few years ago due to a severe hip injury. Despite the pain and advancing age, the Scottish phenomenon never gave up and he understood that he could continue playing by undergoing surgery.

The three-time Grand Slam champion went through his long rehabilitation with an indomitable spirit, the same one that allowed him to win a lot in the era of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Since he underwent hip surgery, Murray he has no longer been able to return to his former glory and has had to settle for a back-up position.

Wimbledon was his big goal this year, but Andy's race stopped already in the second round. Since March Murray has restarted working with Ivan Lendl, hoping to get some other satisfaction before saying goodbye to the Tour.