Andy Murray: 'In 2014 I had contacted Agassi to work with him'

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Andy Murray: 'In 2014 I had contacted Agassi to work with him'

In a recent interview Andy Murray revealed he contacted Andre Agassi, who is now working with Novak Djokovic, in 2014 after he split with Ivan Lendl. ‘I spoke briefly to Dani (Vallverdu, his travelling coach) about it after I stopped working with Ivan the first time.

I chatted to Darren Cahill about it (Agassi’s former coach). For what I needed at the time, he just didn’t think he would be able to give enough time for what I needed.’ Speaking about his second round match won in four sets against Martin Klizan, Murray said: 'I just didn't serve very well the first set, really.

But served pretty well for decent parts of the match, but at the end didn't serve well. He's very tough to play against, because he's a huge power off the forehand side. He has very good touch. Dropshots are good. He's dangerous when he's on the run.

He's very fast, but also, when he does reach the balls on the run, he goes for big shots when most players in those positions are going for more defensive shots. My plan was to go into the match and try and play a solid match, which maybe first set I didn't, but I felt for the most part, second, third, fourth I played some good stuff.' Klizan was up a break in the fourth set, so there were many changes to go in the fifth set.

Murray was still confident to have a chance to win: 'I felt physically very good today, which was the most positive thing today for me. It was pretty hot out there, and, you know, quite a long match. But, yeah, physically I felt good.

So obviously going to a fifth would have been tough, especially the way I had sort of come back into the fourth and then had a bunch of chances at 5-All. Had I lost that tiebreak it would have been difficult. But physically I felt good.

So that was very positive thing for me with a lot of the issues I have had this year to come through a match like that in that heat and feel good. It was very positive for me.' You said on court you wanted to improve your behavior on court.

Was that talking about talking to yourself or the crowd or your box, or what did you mean by that? 'Just getting frustrated on the court is something that I have always battled with and always fought, ever since, it was probably since I was 20, 21 years old, and it's more venting.

Sometimes when I don't say anything, I come in and I get asked, Oh, you seemed very flat on the court. You know, that's just how I am. I feel like I have improved it from where I was in the middle of my career. Yeah, it's something that I constantly, you know, try to get better.' About his next round against Juan Martin del Potro, Murray said: 'It's a tough match.

Not easy third round. He's, in my opinion, one of the best players in the world when he's fit and healthy. This year he's had a lot of tough draws. If you look at the matches that he's lost, I think he's played Novak a few times.

I think he lost to Raonic in Delray Beach. Obviously, I mean, Novak in Rome. In Miami I think he lost to Roger. So because of the ranking that he has, he's kind of in that bracket where he's met a lot of the top guys early on.

But, yeah, I definitely feel like I'm capable of winning that match. I'm playing way better than I was two weeks ago, and today's match will have done me a lot of good, because physically I pulled up well and felt good, so I will gain a lot of confidence from that.

And also, today I hit a lot of balls out there today, more than the first-round match. It seems like everyone thinks I didn't play particularly well today, but there was some good stuff against a tough opponent. It's not easy to play against someone like him.

Hopefully I will keep improving in the next one.' Then he spoke about Toni Nadal not travelling with Rafa by next year anymore: 'I would think that Toni would still be heavily involved in Rafa's tennis. He's obviously not going to be at the tournaments, but I would think when they're back in Mallorca, I would think he'd still be on the court during practices and watching his matches.

I'm sure he'll still be helping him. But I'm sure there will be a small period of adjustment for Rafa, as well, because he's used to, you know, looking up into his box and seeing Toni there. He's been the one constant in his career.

But he's also played a lot of tournaments with Toni not there. As well, he's had two coaches I think for pretty much all of his career, it seems like, with Francisco Roig. So he has played without Toni before, but I would imagine it would be, yeah, a smaller adjustment for him, but I'm sure Toni will be pretty heavily involved, still.' ALSO READ: Murray is not agree with Margaret Court: 'Everyone should have same rights'