Andy Murray: 'I may not compete for Slam titles in three years'

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Andy Murray: 'I may not compete for Slam titles in three years'

Andy Murray became the world no. 1 at a late stage in his career, and his permanence at the highest level may not last long. In an interview to BBC, the British player insisted that he wants to enjoy and give his best these years because it won't be forever. 'I know some of the players have been doing really well until their mid-30s recently, but that might not be the case with me,' Murray admitted.

'Maybe the next couple of years are the last few where I have a chance to compete for the majors and the biggest tournaments. I don't know how long I'm going to be playing for any more. I want to make the most of every tournament I compete in.' Last year, Murray reached the Roland Garros final, won Wimbledon, the ATP Finals title and an Olympic gold medal in Rio, living the best year of his tennis career.

From now until the rest of the season, he has a lot of points to defend. 'There's a lot of expectation during this period, so it can be a bit stressful - but I'm able to get away from that as well because I'm at home, I'm sleeping in my own bed and I have all my family around me,' said Murray, who will play Queen's and then Wimbledon.

'I'm older and more experienced in dealing with it. The pressure and stress that goes with it maybe doesn't affect me quite as much when I was younger.' ALSO READ: Andy Murray: 'At 35 I won't win Majors'