Rub Andy Murray's Picture to Help Him Heal From Hip Injury

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Rub Andy Murray's Picture to Help Him Heal From Hip Injury

Tennis - The British tabloids know how to have a little bit of fun during the Wimbledon Championships. So, it's no surprise to see The Sun asking its readers to rub a picture of Andy Murray's hip in order to help the World No.

1 and home favourite recover in time for defending his Wimbledon title. The Sun has published a photo of Murray kneeling over and asked its readers to rub his hip in a circular motion on the picture at 3-40 pm on Saturday in order to send positive energies to the Scotsman.

Murray pulled out of an exhibition tournament this week due to the injury but his coach Ivan Lendl says he will be fit for the tournament. Psychic Uri Geller says, “I’ll be doing it — I believe in the immense energy of the mind.

All hu­m­anity is attached via an in­visible thread. We can use it to trans- fer positive, po­werful intentions. I am asking everyone and all the readers of The Sun to hold the paper in your hands. Take this seriously and focus with your eyes and your mind.

Just think positively and say, ‘Heal, heal, heal’. Certainly if millions concentrate positively there will be a surge of positive energy. Murray will get a very good feeling knowing that a massive amount of people are wishing him well.” This is not the first time that the British tabloid has made such an appeal to the public.

In 2002, they issued a similar appeal when an injury threatened to force David Beckham out of the 2002 Football World Cup. Murray is scheduled to begin the defense of his Wimbledon title by openeing proceedings on Centre Court on Monday against World No.

134 Alexander Bublik.

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