Andy Murray: 'Federer is doing something incredibly rare'

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Andy Murray: 'Federer is doing something incredibly rare'

For Andy Murray, Wimbledon has always been a different tournament than other ones. In 2013 he became the first British player to win at the All England Club in 77 years, and in 2016 he won his second title beating Milos Raonic in the final.

He always feels pressure despite he showed what he is capable of: 'Hopefully I'm able to deal with things better this time around. But really once you get out there, I don't feel like I'm coming in trying to defend something.

I'm going out there trying to win Wimbledon again. I want to try to win the competition. Maybe [defending] adds a little bit extra pressure. Maybe a few more nerves, especially at this slam, with the way the scheduling is, that you're the first one out there on Centre Court.

You feel like you're opening up the tournament a little bit, and that adds a few more nerves. But I feel okay. I've felt fairly calm the last few days, considering how I've been feeling', Murray said in press conference on Sunday.

He also spoke about his physical issues that did not allow him to practice as much as he wanted at the beginning of last week: 'I've had hip problems since I was very young. It's not something new to me. It's just been very sore the last few weeks.

It was giving me quite a lot of trouble moving to certain shots and getting into certain positions. So that was why I needed to take the break, to try and give it a chance to settle down, calm down a bit. Spent a lot of time with my physio and doing some extra exercises in my warm-up, strengthening exercises, a lot of stuff to try to loosen off that area.

It's felt much better the last few days.' Asked if the battle for No. 1 may influence him mentally, Murray replied: 'I think it certainly could do, maybe potentially more towards the end of the event, if there was quite a few players left in, and there’s maybe match-ups that really influence it.

I don’t think loads of the guys – for me, I’m not thinking about that right now. That’s not what my focus is. But maybe if, you know, there’s a match later in the tournament where you know if you win, for me I would stay at world No1, or if I lose, maybe I would lose the ranking to one of the other guys.

But not right now.' Murray also said he doesn't think he will have still many years as professional player: 'You want to make the most of every tournament you play. I think you realise that a little bit more as you start to get older.

I hope I’m still playing here for five, six, seven more years, if possible. But I don’t know obviously what’s going to happen. I think just because of what Federer’s doing just now, which is incredibly rare, a lot of people think everyone is going to start doing that now.

I’m not sure that’s going to be the case. I want to make sure I make the most of all of these chances that I have left.' ALSO READ: Wimbledon - Monday Schedule: Murray, Nadal, Halep to play