Murray, Fognini criticize Centre Court condition

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Murray, Fognini criticize Centre Court condition

The poor Wimbledon court condition is a very popular topic this year. Not only Kristina Mladenovic complained about it, but also Andy Murray and Fabio Fognini, who played last match on Centre Court on Friday, explained they didn't play really in safe condition.

'The court I don't think is in as good a condition as previous years', said Murray, who prevailed 6/2 4/6 6/1 7/5. 'There's quite a few spots on the court, just behind the baseline and just in front of the baseline, where there's quite big lumps of grass, almost like little divots there, which I don't remember really being the case.

I don't know if it's anything to do with the weather that they've had over the last few weeks and months. It's been pretty hot, pretty extreme conditions. Not much rain. But the court, when I played the first match, was great.

I think it's just getting a bit beaten up early. A few of the players have said that about some of the outside courts, as well. There's also been a lot of tennis played on the outside courts because there's been no rain.' 'I didn't feel like I played my best tennis, but I won and I got through it.

That's a really positive thing', added the World No. 1 speaking about his performance. 'Now I've got two days to work on some things, rest up a little bit, and get used to the conditions that we're playing in now.

I'm obviously pleased to be in the second week. Anything can happen from here', said Murray, who also praised his opponent. 'Fabio has got good timing. I think the quicker court helps his serve a little bit. He puts a lot of returns back in play.

He moves well. He has a good slice, volleys very well. He played great tennis at times tonight. In my mind, there's no reason why he can't play well on grass.' 'I think the courts this year are really, really bad', recognized Fognini.

'But they do the best that they can. It's not their fault. I think this year was really sunny days, so the grass is not really good like the last years. Right now I don't feel really happy, but I'm really happy about my performance.

He’s one of the best defenders in the world. Remember, he’s No. 1 in the world [and] most of the time I was playing better than him.' ALSO READ: Wimbledon - Men's Singles: Murray Defeats Fognini In 4 Sets