Andy Murray: 'A few days ago, I almost ran out of petrol in my car'

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Andy Murray: 'A few days ago, I almost ran out of petrol in my car'

In a column for BBC after winning his match in four sets against the Italian Fabio Fognini, Andy Murray revealed a funny anecdote that happened a few nights ago. Wimbledon is a different and special tournament for the world no.

1, who stays at home with his family. He also goes to the All England Club in his car, which happens pretty rarely when he is on the ATP Tour. 'There was a moment the other night when I was stuck in traffic, with the fuel gauge close to empty, and I thought, 'this isn't looking good.' Home felt a lot further than 11 miles away with Wimbledon in gridlock and about six miles' worth of petrol in the tank,' Murray wrote.

'I had a back-up plan though - the petrol station I headed for is at the bottom of a hill, so I thought I could just roll down there and up to the pump if I needed to. That would have been quite a sight for anyone watching.

Luckily I made it there with one mile left in the tank, and I might fill it up a bit more than normal next week!' Murray also spoke about his plans for the weekend. As he played and won on Friday, he will come back to compete only on Monday against Benoit Paire.

'Weekends are the most important days of the year when you're a tennis player, so if you're working that's a good thing. We play finals on Sundays, most semi-finals are on Saturdays and if a tournament starts on a Monday, we're practising the weekend before.

It's pretty rare at this time of year - at least you hope it is - but that doesn't mean I get home every night and lock myself in my room, just concentrating on my match. Maybe I don't do loads around the house during the two weeks of Wimbledon but I still want to spend time with my family when I can.

I'm fine switching off from the tennis but I like being busy over the weekends because it means I'm doing well. I'll get plenty of weekends off when I finish playing.' ALSO READ: Murray, Fognini criticize Centre Court condition