Ivan Lendl: 'I am not worried. Murray is hitting better and better'

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Ivan Lendl: 'I am not worried. Murray is hitting better and better'

Ivan Lendl is confident about his player Andy Murray's campaign in the second week of the Wimbledon event. The World No. 1's coach assured in an interview to The Daily Mail that the hip issues are mostly solved, and so Andy can go deep in the third Grand Slam event: 'I do what I can and don't worry about the past, that's just pointless', he replied when asked if he is worried.

'He looked pretty good didn't he? It's Andy, you expect it. That's how people win tournaments — they fight. It doesn't come easy. You don't always play your best and fighting is part of it. By the end of tomorrow, if there is no bad weather there will be only seven and hopefully Andy.

I wouldn't mind if he had played a few more matches, but now he has played three, so that problem went out the window. You can see Andy is hitting it better and cleaner every practice, getting his timing back and rhythm back.

I thought Fognini played a very good match. He's unpredictable with skill and that's very dangerous. It was the same with Henri Leconte.' Murray saved five set points in the fourth set against Fognini, and was the player among Fab Four who had most issues.

Lendl thinks one between Andy, Federer, Djokovic, Nadal will win and he explained why: 'Most of the time the top guys do win because they are a little better than the others. Whether it's problem solving, dealing with a lack of matches for a while, the distractions off the court — these guys are used to it.

The top guys are better purely in stroke production, movement, physically, the package is slightly better than the guys below. The others can upset them, but if they play 100 times the top guys are going to win more than half and that's because the package is a little more complete.' ALSO READ: Andy Murray: 'A few days ago, I almost ran out of petrol in my car'