Andy Murray: 'I'm not liked by everyone! I can win the title'

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Andy Murray: 'I'm not liked by everyone! I can win the title'

Also Andy Murray spoke about the Wimbledon schedule that is getting criticized a lot for putting two men's matches and one women's match on Centre Court and Court No. 1. 'Obviously I think ideally you would have two men’s and two women’s on Centre, potentially starting the matches a bit earlier would allow for that, I think', the World No.

1 said. 'There’s also situations I think like at the Aussie Open where there’s three women’s matches, two men’s pretty much every day on the stadium court, as well. Need to maybe find a way of allowing for an equal split of the men’s and women’s matches across the tournament rather than just looking at one day.

If there’s better matches on the women’s side than the men’s side, you can flip it. If there’s better matches on the men’s side, then that has to go first, as well.' Murray, who beat Benoit Paire in straight sets on Monday, feels confident he can make a deep run at Wimbledon: 'Like I said at the beginning of the tournament, I'll be able to get through seven matches if that's what I have to do.

Obviously I want to try to get to the final. I've done a good job so far here. Today was by far the best I hit the ball, the cleanest I hit the ball. I was happy about that. The last couple of days, practice has been really good.

I didn't feel great during my last match. I didn't feel like I played so well, not loads of rhythm in the first two matches. I definitely felt better today. That's positive moving into the last few days of the tournament.' Speaking about the home crowd, Murray said he is aware some people in Great Britain don't like him playing.

'It's the truth', he added. ALSO READ: Jamie Murray: 'Wimbledon courts have never been so bad'