Boris Becker: 'Andy Murray cannot pretend to be 20'

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Boris Becker: 'Andy Murray cannot pretend to be 20'

Interviewed by BBC, Boris Becker commented on Andy Murray's decision to almost call it a season. The British player already withdrew from Beijing and Shanghai and he is likely to miss Vienna and Paris Bercy too.

Becker thinks Andy must understand how to deal with injuries and almost prevent them. 'The fact is he's 30 and therefore you cannot pretend to be 20. You have a weathered body. You know better now exactly what you need, how many matches you need, how many practise sessions to hit top gear – that's important to find out.

Federer led by example, of course, in reducing his schedule and even Rafa [Nadal] played less last year, having said that, he played a full season this year so maybe that's a wrong example. Novak [Djokovic] is out as well with an elbow injury so he's going to have a limited schedule I'm sure. 'Ultimately, it's about winning the Majors.

It's about winning the Masters series. It's about having a high world ranking. That's what you're measured against. As a tennis player, you want to do absolutely everything to increase your chances.'

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