Andy Murray's brother-in-law hoping to conquer South Pole

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Andy Murray's brother-in-law hoping to conquer South Pole

Andy Murray's brother-in-law is hoping to become the youngest person ever to conquer the South Pole alone and without any support.

Scott Sears, who was trying to make it tennis, gave up a couple of years ago as he saw there was no point in pursuing a career.

Scott, the brother of Murray's wife Kim, was a ranked junior player back in the day.

Scott's father Nigel is a well-known and respected coach in the tennis world.

Scott signed up for Army officer training after quitting on tennis.

Lieutenant Sears also hopes to raise money so he can build a Nepalese school.

"I finished playing when I was 23 after dramatically failing at making it," Lt. Sears said.

"Andy was always very helpful but I just wasn't quite good enough. I loved playing tennis but I always wanted to try and do something where I would be the best at it... so I had to switch focus."

Lt. Sears is due to spend nearly two months in his bid to break the record.

"The expedition starts off the coast of Antarctica on the sea ice. I will get dropped off with two skis on my feet and a massive sled with everything I need to survive for two months alone. Because of trying to break the record I can't re-supply along the way, I can't use bikes or vehicles, I have to carry everything myself from start to finish."

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