Andy Murray: 'I'll return when I am ready. I hope to be in Brisbane'

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Andy Murray: 'I'll return when I am ready. I hope to be in Brisbane'

During a long press conference ahead of the exhibition match against Roger Federer in Glasgow, Andy Murray gave important updates about his hip condition. The three-time Grand Slam champion, who has not been competing since Wimbledon, is committed to play his first event in the 2018 season in Brisbane.

He is not sure, but confident, about being fit in time for the tournament. 'I hope I'm there,' said Murray, who didn't move very well against Federer on Tuesday. 'Things have been going pretty well so far in the rehab, but you just never know.

You take each week as it comes. I've had setbacks and things can go quite quickly as well. I've been training for a few weeks now. Some days I've felt great and some days not so good. But I will come back when I'm ready and when I'm 100% fit.

I probably made a bit of a mistake trying to get ready for the US Open but it was the last major of the year and I wanted to give it a go. And now it's time to give my body the rest and recovery it needs. I'll come back when I'm ready.' Asked if though if he would be back to his best level once he returns to compete, the former world no.

1 replied: 'I believe I will. You never know when you're coming back from any injury but that's what I'm working towards. We have to see. I believe that will be the case. When I get back on the court next year and start playing again it might not come immediately at the beginning of the year.

I might not play my best tennis straight off the bat but there's nothing to make me think I won't.You never know how you'll come back from injuries but I believe that with the work that I'm doing, I'm still hitting the ball well in practice.

There's a difference between that 75% or 80% practice and being flat out 100% for two-and-a-half or three hours on the match court. Until I do that I can't say for certain but I think I'll be able to come back just fine.' Murray was, however, reluctant to share more about the nature of his injury.

'There are a few things going on in my hip that I don't need to talk about here. It had been causing me a problem for six, maybe eight weeks, from really the French Open right through until I was really struggling by the end of Wimbledon.

It became a big issue there and I was like: "I need to get this sorted out, I need to chat to some people." So I spoke to a bunch of specialists. Surgery was not recommended for me and obviously that's great.

You never know how you're going to come back from surgery. If you can go a conservative route it's better. So I sat down with my team and it was like: "Let's just take time to get ready again, do all of the rehab, get yourself as strong as possible." And that's one of the few positives of a break like this.

You get the opportunity to do a lot of work in the gym and build up your strength and your endurance. You obviously just can't spend time on the match court, which ends up being the most important thing.' Finally, he revealed his next course of action when preparing for his comeback.

'My plan has been to do a couple of weeks in Miami and then go to Australia very early, much earlier than I have done in the past. Obviously coming into the beginning of the new year I will be at a bit of a disadvantage because I have not played matches for a long time so if I can go there a little bit earlier to get used to the conditions, a bit sooner than some of the other players, that might help level it up a little bit for me.

That's the plan just now.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'To be legends, you need hard work and passion' .