Andy Murray "celebrates" 31st birthday, shares epic photo

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Andy Murray "celebrates" 31st birthday, shares epic photo

Last year Andy Murray had celebrated his 30th birthday at the Rome Open, and he got a cake from the tournament. This year he turned 31 being at home, and on Instagram he posted a funny photo featuring him not in a really excited mood.

'I love birthdays', he wrote, joking. Asked about the importance of birthdays for him last year, Murray said: 'I was talking to my team about that a bit yesterday, and everyone sort of says, oh, when you're 30 or 40, like, they are huge birthdays.

I have never found that with any birthday. I was saying to the guys in Madrid, the last time I was home on my birthday I was, like, 14. I have always been traveling and never been around sort of family or friends on birthdays.

They don't mean that much to me, for me. For my, like, for my daughter's first birthday, I can see why, for parents and stuff, it's obviously a big deal. But for me, personally, I don't take too much notice of them.' ALSO READ: What Rafael Nadal needs to do to overcome Roger Federer in the rankings