Andy Murray's agent makes worrying claim for the future

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Andy Murray's agent makes worrying claim for the future

Bad news keep coming about Andy Murray. His agent Ugo Colombini briefly spoke to SuperTennis TV about the current situation that Andy is going through, and his words but also his expression give a clear sign: per now, Murray will not be back to compete.

He was supposed to return in the Loughborough Challenger next week, but it has now been made official that he won't. His next tournament planned is Libema Open in 's-Hertogenbosch on grass, but many doubts are there.

'Andy was unlucky. His game is too much about his body, he is an animal physically, and he, unfortunately, had two big issues. One year he underwent back surgery and this year he had this chronic hip issue that he has been carrying since 20 years of age.

He had a light surgery, they didn't touch any bone or cartilage, they cleaned the tissues a little bit, but...' Colombini also spoke about the reasons champions stand out compared to the rest of the players: 'The thing that combines all of them is the confidence and professionalism that they have because when they work and practice they become machines, they are out there for two, three hours...' ALSO READ: Fabio Fognini: 'I made Rafael Nadal unhappy more times'