Playing 's-Hertogenbosch or not: Andy Murray's verdict announced

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Playing 's-Hertogenbosch or not: Andy Murray's verdict announced

It must not have been a good news for the Libema Open organizers to learn that Andy Murray is apparently dealing with hip issues again. The ATP 250 of 's-Hertogenbosch made a big economic effort to bring in the three-time Grand Slam champion, and as a matter of fact no top 25 player is committed to play.

However the tournament director Marcel Hunze is sure that Murray will be back to compete there. 'It's definitely a rumour. But we already had many experiences, so we are not so scared', Hunze said. 'After consulting his team, we don't have any reason to doubt his participation.

We are looking forward to welcoming Andy here for his comeback on the tour.' He also assured: 'At the moment his recovery is still going according to plans, he wants to come back to us on grass. These are only rumours, he is supposed to come.'

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