Andy Murray: 'I won't continue for 3-4 more years if I can't play'

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Andy Murray: 'I won't continue for 3-4 more years if I can't play'

Andy Murray won't play Wimbledon as he is not ready for the best of five sets match yet. He is not at his best following hip injury, as explained by him in press conference: 'There're certain things that are still tricky and things I'm still trying to work through.

These things are significantly better than what they were a few months ago. That's for sure. But again, it just takes time. You sometimes in practice might feel really good, and then you get on the match court and you're pushing yourself a few percent harder… you learn a lot from competing.' Speaking about his future, Murray added: 'If I had to stop tomorrow, yeah, I'd be pretty gutted with that because I still love playing, I love the sport.

I enjoy watching it. I enjoy the traveling. There's nothing about it that I'd be looking forward to giving up. I want to keep playing as long as I can, providing I'm physically capable of doing that. Obviously, I would want my daughthers to watch me playing where I'm physically capable of playing properly, at a level that I'd be happy playing at.

I'm not just going to keep playing for four years or three years if I don't feel like I can play.' Can Nick Kyrgios be able to win his first Grand Slam title ever, at this year's Wimbledon? Murray tried to answer this question on Saturday during his pre-tournament press conference.

'It’s difficult, very difficult to say', Murray admitted. 'I think there’s absolutely no reason why, with his game, and the way that he can serve. I mean, I think at Queens, I’m pretty sure he served in the two matches after he played me I think he served over 30 aces in back-to-back matches.

It’s incredible to be able to do that nowadays because the courts are not unbelievably fast. He’s not just doing that on his first serve. He’s hitting huge second serves as well. If he’s able to focus for three, four hours at a time, do it over the space of two weeks, there’s no reason why he can’t compete.' ALSO READ: Federer, Nadal: who are the players that became world no. 1 most times?