Andy Murray to work as tennis commentator during Wimbledon

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Andy Murray to work as tennis commentator during Wimbledon

It's going to be a busy mid-week for Andy Murray at Wimbledon. The British player will work as tennis pundit in the BBC Studio on Tuesday and then will commentate a match with Tim Henman on Wednesday. It remains to be seen what match, but on that day men's quarter-finals will take place and so it will be one of them.

Murray will return at the All England Club for the first time since on Sunday, July 1, a few hours before the tournament started, he withdrew. Still, he is confident about his future: 'If I was thinking I would not play Wimbledon again, it would be a different decision to make and I would be out there and just play to enjoy it and potentially play my last Wimbledon.

But I want to play for a couple more years and hopefully be back competing at the top of the game, and I need to bear that in mind when I am making decisions right now. I don't have any regrets in terms of anything I've done,' said Murray, who is already training on hard courts ahead of his comeback at the Citi Open in Washington later this month.

'I have practised as much as I could, I've trained as much as I was allowed, following what I've been told by my team and the medical professionals around me. I didn't decide when I was going to play at Queen's that meant also that I was going to play at Wimbledon.

I had to wait a bit to see how my body responded to the matches and the practising against the top players before making a decision about that.' ALSO READ: 'Roger Federer is going to sell menswear,' Pat Cash