Andy Murray: 'I have not been drug tested really much recently'

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Andy Murray: 'I have not been drug tested really much recently'

In a press conference at Washington's Citi Open, Andy Murray spoke about the popular drug tests topic in tennis. Murray was asked how much he was tested when he didn't compete due to a hip injury. 'There's been periods in the last six months where I have been tested quite a lot out of competition and then more recently not really much at all,' he revealed.

'Tennis could do a better job in being more transparent, showing exactly how many tests players have exactly done. Sometimes it's quite vague, they put seven-plus, so that means someone could have had seven and someone twenty, which is quite a big difference.

Since when I first came on Tour there has been a lot more testing but it doesn't mean it's necessarily enough because in comparison to some other sports we don't get tested a lot. In tennis, there is enough money for us to have a better programme probably.' Washington will be the first hard-court tournament for Murray since 2017 Indian Wells, which could be tricky.

'I have to see how the body responds to that, not just the hip. It felt pretty good in practice. It's feeling better all the time. I've not played a hardcourt match for a very long time. A lot of anxiety about that. I'm sure after the first few games out there I'll be fine.

It takes a long time after you have been out to get the match fitness back. I need to get back on the match court and see how I come through two, three, four, five matches in a week. I've done pretty well in practice.' He has clear plans for the rest of the season and the rest of his career as well.

'I want to stay healthy through the end of the year', Murray said. 'If I do that, I'll win more matches and my ranking will move up. If I stay fit and healthy, I'll play more against the best players and that will improve my fitness.

I'll be ready to start the 2019 season really well. I'll play until I'm not able to anymore at a level I'm happy with. Long term, I haven't thought about that.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'My main goal is to win titles, not facing Rafael Nadal'