Citi Open tournament director takes a shot at Andy Murray, then clarifies

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Citi Open tournament director takes a shot at Andy Murray, then clarifies

Andy Murray had claimed that he may not have played the quarter-finals match against the Australian Alex de Minaur at the Washington's Citi Open as he won against Marius Copil 7-6 in the third set at 3:00 AM on Friday.

At the end he withdrew, but before he did it, the tournament director Kelly O'Brien had shared thoughts on Murray's sayings. 'I hope that Andy really takes into consideration this role in his sport and as a global role model to guys and girls on the tour and kids around the world that when things are difficult and tough and the conditions aren’t great that it’s not okay to just give up.

I hope we see him on court tonight fighting like he did last night, because that, I believe, is the right message for anyone in this sport. Certainly if he can’t play because of his injury that’s one thing. But he’s a fighter, and he doesn’t give up, and he needs to have everyone see that', O'Brien told Washington post.

At the same time, O'Brien admitted that the situation Andy went through is not the easiest one. Murray played three set matches in the third set this week so far. 'I do understand. 3 a.m. is very difficult for everyone', O'Brien recognized.

'I can’t imagine being on court and performing and fighting like they both were … but when you have four days of rain that is scattered throughout the day, there’s very little room for flexibility with the schedule.' When Murray withdrew, O'Brien clarified comments saying: 'I am so grateful that Andy, an incredible champion, came back to DC to begin what we all know will be a great comeback.

I sincerely respect his decision and know that his health and recovery process is his top priority, as it should be. We all wish him great success for the rest of the summer and look forward to him coming back to Washington next year.' ALSO READ: Toni Nadal upset about Roger Federer: 'Tennis is his only obsession'